How Understanding Your Personality Type Can Transform Your Working Relationships

CSA Associate and certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, Alison Hendry-Butler challenges us to identify our personality preferences, raise our self-awareness and consciously think differently to reap the benefits, both personally and professionally, that can be achieved when people are performing at their best. 

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Carl Jung

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do in the way that they do it? Most people love it and feel at ease when they find like-minded people both in and outside of work yet struggle when others behave differently. The impact can leave us feeling at odds, irritated or simply confused - the question is why? Imagine the impact you could make if you had the knowledge to consciously influence every interaction you have in a positive way.

Understanding your preferences

It is all down to preferences, which differ between individuals and are derived from our subconscious mind – or personality. Our personality has an important job to do which is to look after us, making decisions that drive our everyday actions and behaviours that will protect us and keep us safe. That is where the impact on others evoke emotions and opinions both of which naturally, we react to. Sometimes positive if likeminded in preference and sometimes negatively if different to us.

Understanding difference and embracing it is a powerful way for us to develop added resources into our thought process and adding to our kitbag of skills to draw upon.

Thinking outside the box

Knowing what your preferences are is the first step to raising your level of self-awareness. Once you have mastered the art of understanding yourself it makes it easier to better understand others. It takes the unconscious action and its impact into the conscious mind, where we make better informed decisions and choices, especially when encountering new or stressful situations where we may need to think differently to solve the problem. This is often referred to as thinking outside the box, to me, it is working outside your preference which is enabling you to think differently.

How can you think differently and by doing so what are the rewards you can reap?

  • Do you know what energizes you or conversely what drains you? How wonderful to have control over those dull days by knowing what to do differently to turn up or down the dial of energy.
  • Do you know how you process data and how to look at both angles, big picture, and detail simultaneously? It is an awesome combination to have the inclination to consider both.
  • Do you recognize your slant towards task verses people in decisions making? Both are equally important and need to be balanced for getting the job done whilst fostering and maintaining great relationships.
  • Do you have just your way of interacting with the world? Having a plan or being spontaneous are both valuable ways to approach the ever-changing world we live in.

Ability or capability is never in question when considering personality profiling. By understanding your preferences, it offers choice and flexibility so when you are required to think consciously in a different way you have that choice. It also enables you to see that people are simply different to you and not wrong - now that is a breath of fresh air!

Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® 

If this resonates with you and you want to explore further, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) can help. A session of self-assessment explores not just what MBTi is about but how you can apply new thinking in a practical way. As a certified practitioner, I have been conducting MBTi profiling since 2007 and have extensive expertise in profiling people and using those insights to support their continued development. Without exception, all my clients have found the experience both enlightening and enriching. If you are curious to explore this further, please get in touch 

Katie Gleghorn recently undertook the MBTI® profiling - here’s what she had to say

“The experience was invaluable. It transpires I had been mis-profiled many years ago with a very light touch version of MBTI, without any understanding or depth. Alison took me on a journey where I learned so much about myself, but also so importantly how to combine my style and preferences with others around me, internally and externally at CSA. This richness of insights really added another layer to my existing belief around celebrating difference. Alison’s knowledge and experience was clear to see throughout our conversations and there’s no doubt when used correctly this tool is a major enabler to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.”


Alison Hendry Butler 


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