How CSA Can Support You

At CSA, we leverage our global expertise and insights to enable you to drive DE&I change in your organisation. The following shares some examples of how we do that. These are by no means exhaustive – we work with organisations every day to create solutions that are individualised and focused on their business, tailored to their DE&I maturity and that resonate with their stakeholders.

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Supporting Organisations

Leaders FIRST

A key step of any sustainable change is both gaining commitment and building awareness at the C-suite. Research conducted by CSA with over 3,000 senior leaders in global organisations confirms that despite there being a well-documented business case for undertaking DE&I work, there are five key themes which are consistently cited as reasons why DE&I does not progress within organisations.

Using the above insights, CSA creates insightful and discussion-based programmes for Executive Teams to unpick the reasons behind these key themes in their organization as well as the pragmatic actions they can take to overcome them. The programmes explore:

  • Why organisations prioritise DE&I
  • The impact this has on all areas of business and their wider eco-system
  • The impact of doing nothing
  • Identifying and consolidating the commitment at the top

Now delivered to over 30,000 leaders around the world, we recommend Leaders FIRST as a critical step to create impactful change. We also provide executive coaching for leaders to build their knowledge and commitment in a safe environment. These can be delivered both as individual coaching programmes as well as group coaching.

DE&I Strategy and Action Plan

We have extensive expertise working with organisations to create and deliver their DE&I Strategy and Action Plan. What’s important for us is that we co-creating solutions with you to ensure that they reflect your organisation’s DE&I maturity, culture, values and goals.

How CSA could support you:

  • Develop your DE&I Strategy – driven by your business strategy
  • Shape your Action Plan – identify pragmatic actions, quick wins and longer-term activities to deliver your strategy
  • Design appropriate Measurements – to monitor progress and successful delivery of your strategy

Audits and Research

We can assess organisations on where they currently are in terms of DE&I and provide recommendations on how to progress to ‘best practice’ and embed DE&I into all you do. We will work with you to assess and embed DE&I across all areas of your business, from all touchpoints of your colleague life cycle to your ESG activities, your procurement processes and practices as well as your marketing and product development.

There are a variety of ways we do this, including:

  • Conducting an audit on your policies and practices using the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmark (“GDEIB”). This is the ‘first of its kind’ assessment tool which has been co-created by 112 of the leading DE&I experts around the world (some of whom are CSA consultants)
  • Collecting data insights through surveys, focus groups, interviews and wider appreciative inquiry exercises

We always provide pragmatic and actionable recommendations to support you with progressing DE&I.

Global Learning Programmes

We have applied our knowledge and expertise to create an effective suite of global learning programmes, designed to raise awareness of DE&I and create sustained activity post-learning. Depending on where your organisation is on its DE&I journey, CSA is able to create a tailored learning map that cascades learning to each of your key audiences. We work with you to enable the learning to permeate through the organisation in a sustainable way. All content is tailored specifically to your organisation, building in your business strategy, values and behaviours.

Through a blended learning approach, content can include:

  • Why DE&I matters to your business
  • Raising awareness of bias and the impact on decision-making
  • Embedding DE&I throughout your colleague life-cycle
  • Embedding personal accountability and responsibility for DE&I
  • Being an effective ally and role model good DE&I practices and behaviours
  • Creating a truly inclusive workplace through practical action planning

Audiences for our global learning programmes typically include:

  • Board members, Executive Committee and Senior Leaders
  • People Leaders
  • HR Generalists and Specialists e.g. Talent Aquisition
  • All Colleagues

We also offer more advanced and specific learning content for specific learning audiences, on topics such as having challenging conversations for HR leaders, allyship, supporting ERG Leads with creating effective employee resource groups/networks, in-depth learning on specific diversity characteristics such as race/ethnicity or neurodiversity.


CSA deliver effective and impactful DE&I eLearning solutions that will enable you to embed DE&I learning across you entire organisation. We tailor our eLearning solutions to your culture, values and branding to ensure maximum value and impact for your organisation. eLearning can be delivered in multiple languages with examples and scenarios that embed both local and global considerations. We also tailor all content to ensure it is relevant and relatable to the audiences roles and responsibilities. Our modules include, for example:

  • DE&I, The Fundamentals
  • Understanding Bias and the impact on our behaviours and decisions
  • Psychological Safety

Your Organisation’s DE&I Programmes

Leverage our expert DE&I knowledge when designing, communicating and delivering your organisation’s DE&I activities and programmes. We have extensive experience partnering with organisations on successful design and delivery of specific programmes, for example:

  • Sponsorship and Allyship
  • Mentoring and reverse mentoring
  • Employee coaching e.g., 6 Steps Coaching Programme (see below)
  • Employee resource groups / networks
  • DE&I Steering Group impact

6 Steps Coaching Programme

The 6 Steps Coaching Programme is specifically designed to inject focus within programmes where high performing talent have been identified. The programme enables individuals to understand their values and aspiration, and be able to articulate these through the power of storytelling. The targeted coaching programme provides the individuals with the tools and knowledge to communicate more purposefully across their key stakeholders and wider networks to advance their careers.

Supporting You As A Driver Of De&I Change

DE&I Development

At CSA, we have a team of DE&I experts, mentors and coaches to support you with your continued development as a change-maker and driver of DE&I change. We offer a variety of development options individualised to your requirements, such as one-to-one mentoring or coaching sessions with a DE&I expert and leadership development.

Find out more about some of our DE&I development options below.

DE&I Leadership Programme

CSA, in partnership with Cambridge Cubed, offer a 6-month leadership development programme for individuals tasked with embedding DE&I into their organisations. Please click here to find out more about our leadership programme.

Mentoring with a DE&I Expert

If you are new to your role of embedding DE&I within your organisation, or want to propel your influencing skills to the next level, and would benefit from collaborating with a DE&I expert/mentor, this option could be for you.

Group or individual coaching with an Executive Coach

At CSA, all our Executive Coaches are also DE&I experts and have successfully supported thousands of business leaders and DE&I professionals to unleash their potential and overcome individual and organisational barriers to creating inclusion.

Do get in touch to discuss your development requirements and goals further so that we can design an approach that works for you and your organisation.